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Paintings are Being Worked Upon

It's been indoor weather these last few days here in C'ville, I've been painting a canvas in my apartment. I began it out on a bridge in the heat and I almost passed out from the heat. I got enough done to work at home, once you get a good start one can work the rest of it indoors. If need be I can go back to the site and make mental notes as to what colors are where on the buildings I am painting so I don't have to be out on the site itself for long periods of time.
The other art I am have doing has turned out satisfactory to my desires for it. I am pleased to be working in paints once again. I enjoy oils more than acrylics. For me I am better able to handle the plasticity of oils. I know some good processes for blending them whereas with other paints I am not so secure in how to handle them in order to get a desired affect. It's nice to be back in the saddle with my paints, working is a pleasure.
I will be posting my artwork on my site soon. Un…

Philly vs the Va. Countryside

Reading a blogger in Philadelphia Pa I am filled with thankfullness for the peace of biking in the countryside around here, I am thinking we aren't very full of congestion everywhere we turn as I was in Philadelphia riding my bike. The blog I read was a sorry comment upon the hopelessness of fighting a gallant fight but with little hope of winning the war of bikes against automotive transportation in the big cities. Here in this small town in Central Virginia we are blessed with a rush hours that last about an hour and a half. We can get around most problems in our town, we also have a good number of committed people who bike to get to work or who take a bike instead of driving a belching car. Hurrah for our small town's efforts to be helpful for us to ride instead of drive. I've never looked back since leaving Philly, but in many ways it shows up that I made the right decision to come to Central Virginia. I've never been sorry to have been spending my time …

Stony Point Loop

Today, I got out of town. I went up to ride a trail with a friend, some paved mountain roads and some dirt. The dirt was the best, it was packed down from recent traffic and rain so it was a nice smooth packed surface for us. Going downhill was a howl maker.
The thing was that the road surface would change at an unexpected moment on a downhill run. It would go from packed earth to gravel in a heartbeat and then it became a little trickier to stay upright. Both Chief-John and I made it ok. There were some close calls but we managed. We traveled north of C'ville up across a ridge and then downhill to some pastoral landscapes with horses, longhorn steers and other lovely animals like anti-biking farm dogs. It was all good!
It turned out to be a twenty eight mile ride, over two mountain pass roads and along some really nice bottom land.
The weather couldn't be beat, it was cool under the canape of tree limbs and there was a dampness in the air. We enjoyed it all …

First Painting of the Summer is Done

It was a successful couple of days painting up on Pantops Mountain at Peter Jefferson place, what a great view to paint. For the last couple of days at noon I have been up on the third floor balcony of the Martha Jefferson Hospital at Peter Jefferson place painting a landscape of the view. It's tremendous and breathtaking in it's scope, it gives the viewer a complete panorama of Charlottesville and the mountain ranges beyond it. It shouts out "paint me" every time I have seen that view, so for the last couple of days I did just that I painted it.
Yesterday was the start of the painting, and storms could be seen taking formation. It would be a great location for a "weather cam" because you can see clouds forming so well from up their on Pantops. I painted for an hour and a half, just getting the painting situated and getting the under-painting started, and making sure I took a close look at the buildings and their respective locations in the lan…

Plans for The Near Future

Just getting better after an illness struck me on Friday two days ago, I'm starting to feel more like myself now. I am in a field where people often exchange illnesses with each other, and it seems like that is what happened this time too. Eight people where I work came down sick on Friday.
Now on to the better news, tomorrow is our last working day for the school year and then I am headed out to paint once again. I have put aside time to devoted to my art. I will be working in oils, acrylics and watercolors no doubt all at various spots I have scouted out during the school year around this town of ours. I am hoping to get something good out of all of this. It's been four month since I lifted the brush to paint so I'm hoping I still have what it takes. I guess we'll find out.
I've been out photographing some of the late spring activity of the flowers of Belmont, I will include one in the heading of this post. They come from just picking up my camera and …

U.Va. did there best but with injuries we fell short

We at Post High were treated to a U.Va. baseball game with our students, it was the NCAA regional game with hosting U.Va. playing Oregon (last years champs). It was a well fought game but in the end we did have it to take the cake. With two important players out from injuries from the first of two games with Oregon we fell short. I hope for the speedy recovery for those two injured players (Milcat and another player but I'm not sure exactly who-was it B. Gyer?) , they are both champs for helping the team take us to the highest point yet for our baseball team of the University in our hometown of Charlottesville, Va.. All of our students had a really great time cheering on the Cav's. Goo Hoo's Goooo....until next year.
I personally have enjoyed there state of the art stadium for the last three years, it's a hell of an improvement for we fans of baseball. Before it's existence we sat in aluminium bleachers that might have held between fifty and a hundred fan…