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Back to the Dishroom

School is happ'n now. My work has changed from painting whenever I wanted to painting when I can find the time. I am glad to be back at work. I will be working up at a cafeteria where the University students eat their meals. I will have two students and we all will be located in the dishroom. I've worked in many a dishroom and cafeteria's always were the best. Lot's of ongoing work to do. Lot's of stuff to get into and this will be no different. I am their to train these two students the in's and out's of cafeteria backroom dishwork, and I will. With a keen eye out for the important things to lookout for, like hot hot water, and systematic use of one's movements to get the maximum amount of things done with as little effort as possible. And to keep showing up day in and day out.
It should be good for all of us

Japan's Photos from the 50's

I visited Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania over the summer in August to be exact, there I met an artist friend who gave me an assignment that appeals to me: paint the photos your father took while you lived in Japan. I was in my single digit years when we lived their in the 1950's. My dad took plenty of photos and I have some that I do like and remember what I was doing and feeling back then when the photos were taken. I am in some of them. I decided to paint the most favorable one's first, and I began shortly after returning from Pennsylvania. Nothing like an old friend's advise who knows something about your favorite subject.
So, I've begun the canvas and I've promised to work on it whenever I can even if it's only for an hour or so. In fact, I decided to limit my painting time to only two hours or less at anytime I sit down to paint. So far, I've found that my excitement just thinking about what I am going to do when I sit down to paint helps m…

Burning up this Earth; let's cut it out

I'd like to think that this country wants to do something about global warming in a very real way. I am hopeful that these people we elected in Washington can get going on something sooner rather than later. I just read a posting that there will be a summit of somekind in Washington late next month. We do need something big to curb our style of burning stuff and loading the skies with our junk.
I have taken a pledge to curb my production of hydrocarbons by using alternative forms of transportation as much as possible in the coming years. After doing this I rode my bike to take care of business for the last two days and I didn't have to drive my car at all in those two days. Today when I did drive, I combined my trips to do chores into one use of my car. I got my laundry, workout at the gym, grassraking all done in one trip instead of three separate ones, give me a star. But in all seriousness it is good to do what you can now even if the gas guzzlers still rule …

Penn Academy of the Fine Art Visit in Philly

I made it up to Sinking Springs Pennsylvania and then into Philadelphia the next day, what a great city! The city was really alive with people and new stores and buildings that I had never seen before. It was really a treat for me. My friends (Mike and Annson) took me to the new school building for PAFA and then into our old classrooms in the Museum building. It was nice to see the classrooms where I worked so hard to "get it right" but I never felt like I did "get it right". But no matter I had the desire to keep working and the teachers were encouraging none-the-less no matter how "bad" I felt my artwork was coming out. I was carefully brought into the creative world during those formative years in the Old Museum Building.
I did practice and work everyday I could when I was a student in the certificate program at the Academy. After working on casts, it seemed like I improved in my abilities to bring out something worthwhile because o…

A Return Trip Up North to Penn.

My "tennis elbow" is doing much better. I've been resting it a good deal and it seems to do the trick. I got a short "lite workout" in yesterday and my arm felt just fine. I am thankful because I don't want to give up my exercise because of a faulty joint. I am also getting ready for a trip up north to the Penn Academy of the Fine Arts in Philly, it's where I went to school back in the day. It really showed me how to paint from the ground up which is what I needed at the time. I will be seeing it with a friend who had his studio just across the hallway from me. I'm looking forward to some "Future Shocks" which will no doubt shake my world. They have just moved into a ten story building that was remodeled into artist studios. Previously, the building was a parking garage and I used it when I first visited the Academy in the summer of 1969. I suppose I will be seeing some good artwork and I'm hoping it will inspire me towards g…

Graffiti in Our Little Town

Such a good day for summertime pictures that I went out and walked around Belmont yesterday taking photos of whatever caught my eye. I didn't do this activity when I had a film SLR. I was always concerned,"will it come out?" Today, I can take whatever I want and not worry about wasting film. So I head out just to see what there is to take photos of more often.
Yesterday, I happened upon a wall that is used for graffiti. In this town, the street artist stick to this one wall and don't pollute other walls nearby. This wall has been getting "tagged" more often and for a longer time than any other location that I have noticed. I'm grateful for those same artist using just this one wall. Northern cities suffered from overuse of "tagging" and the graffiti was an eyesore and it was everywhere, it was a nuisance up in those northern cities.
So, I found that these street artist put a lot of time and energy into painting their images …