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The Painting of "Japanese Buddhist Celebration" is Done

I finished the painting I've been working on all this month and some of last, it's titled "Japanese Buddhist Parade: 1954" and it's take from a photo my Father took while we lived in Kamahura Japan during my upbringing. We lived their about six years altogether and it was the greatest education is living with people of different origins than my own. I had Japanese friends and playmates, I spent sometime in Japanese homes with my playmates and was invited to dinner just by myself. I enjoyed having friends who were different than me, we did the usual kids stuff. It was during the beginning of my life so it made a big impression on me. When I discovered that only five year prior we had been at war with Japan it helped me realize that War is evil, and we can be friends with those we hate if we just open up and communicate. I know it was the Japanese who began it, but they too need to open up and commmunicate with others. Well, let me get off my soapbox and bac…

Working With Love in One's Heart

Greeting everyday with an open mind and a cheerful heart can sometimes be daunting, but today I was in a good way. Earlier this week I couldn't say that but this morning I awoke to a bright sunlight coming thru the window and a good feeling in my heart, so exercising looked like a good activity to get into, I think the air being cleaned by yesterday's rain really helped me feel good this morning too. Rain has become rare in this little corner of the world, so it's a welcome event whenever it arrives. Many of my co-workers were openly thankful for yesterday's weather event of rain. And even though we need much more than an brief shower or two, we were all thinking of how we can't take our supply of water for granted.
Our school is doing well, many of the students like their jobsites and work assignments are going well for most of our students. I'm thankful for working with a couple of star students who really do their respective jobs as well as they ca…

Philosophy of Painting For Me at Least

"Time is a hero" I like that verse in a Little Feat song who's name escapes me at this time, but time being a human measurement method of marking changes is nice when you have it on your side. Problem is to realize it, that's a whole other matter. When I was young I knew it was really great to be 21 and I didn't have a clue as to my future but as it turns out back then there were no clues available at that time as to my future. I would change homestates and change friends I hung around with, plus I would change jobs and I had no idea that I would return to school to get my BA. If it had been shown to me (back then) just how my future would go, I think I would have balked at living threw it all.
One thing has remain thru it all and that is my painting. I have kept up with my artwork. I got my degree in it from two schools so I think it is worth my time to keep up with doing it on a regular basis. I know doing something everyday in a practice of my c…

Painting: I Finally Have The Time

Having work take over my life as it has I don't get much time to enjoy my new camera but I will have more newer photos soon. I have taken some photos just not many and my artwork has had to stop for the time being. I will take up the brush tomorrow afternoon after I get my recycled junk to the Recycling Center. Then I might have some time to myself and thereby some time to paint.
I love my painting time, it's become a real joy. I am liking the results of my efforts, which really hasn't happened since I was in artschool back years ago. I'm hoping to enjoy my pallet tomorrow and to go about it in a slow and deliberate way. I'm that kind of painter today. I've tried a lot of different methods just for the fun of it and the way I enjoy applying paint the best is when I am careful and deliberate in my application of it. I use to draw a pencil sketch before beginning to paint but I no longer find that to be necessary. I go right to the paint brush when I…