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Firecycle in Kamahura: 1954 or So

Its been a long time coming but I finished another in my Japanese style paintings this past weekend. It's of a fire cycle, they didn't have enough money to build a fire truck although they did have a few in the station instead they made a cycle which could fight fires. I thought it was kind of unique and looked very different that anything I'd seen before so I painted it. Using one of my Dad's black and white photos I did a rendering of it. I enjoyed working with the strong red colors even though the photo is in Black and White I could remember some of the colors involved in this vehicle so I went ahead and played with it.
It took a good deal of work, but I continued on with it until it was completed. I just couldn't let go of it very long while I was painting it. I guess I did another marathon painting session last weekend. I know I felt it after I was done.

How to Do Get A Lot Accomplished

Working on new paintings is a real joy even though one may look at it as work sometimes when a person gets down to the knitty gritty and does some art, its not so bad as it seems before you get to work on it. I don't know about you but my fears often paralyzed me and kept me achieving my greatest dreams. Once I took things in small pieces by not looking at how far I had to go, but instead working on what I had in front of me, I was able to get much more finished if I just tried to get started on it. Not matter what I do now I enjoy my life by just doing what I need to do for today and I let everything else take care of itself later on. In this way I am not overwhelmed by big projects or big paintings or an overwhelming task.
The Japanese paintings are a good example of this, I looked at all my Dad's photos and thought that there was a lot of work to do, how was I to ever get it all done. After realizing just that I put it aside and just got to work on starting just one …

Thoughts On My Pet Oreo

My cat Oreo is getting more and more involved in our life at home. She has gott'n use to a routine and gets bothered if I deviate from it. She sulks but for a little while so it's not really that bad. And thank God she doesn't hold a grudge, she's very forgiving of me so far. I accidentally sat on her when she was on my black and purple computer chair but she moved and fast to get out of the way. I had her a year and one month, and she still seems to find things to like about this apartment. She's doing better than me as far as that goes. She spends a lot more time here than I do, but she finds stuff to do or watch or eat or places to rest. I like her. She's a gift I don't take for granted due to knowing what it's like to live alone for many years without being able to have a pet. Thanks Landlady for allowing me the joy of my pet Oreo.

"The Old Homeplace" by Alice Power

I had a chance to go up north to Loudoun County where a new theater had opened with a play about a family that grew in Northwestern Virginia. I was quite good. The Very Special Arts committee of Loudoun County was the group that made the theater what it is today. It was built over the last ten years and the play that I saw was only the second show to have played in it. It is a beautiful place. The play was the best. The actors were all people with disabilities and they were all great in their craft of acting. I truly enjoyed myself. The highlights were listening to all the original songs during the performance. What a good job everyone did, it was a thrill unlike anything I've seen before to have witnessed this play by people with disabilities.
The play was "The Old Homeplace" by Alice Power and Alice is multi-talented because she had some of her original paintings in the lobby of the theater, it was very impressive to see it this weekend. The music whic…


I enjoy some fun stuff with my caricatures or so I think of them as caricatures. They really aren't about anyone famous or anyone in particular so I don't know if they really qualify as caricatures but they are comic drawings of some kind, so I call them caricatures just because I can.
I am truly thankful that I can draw these guys without someone putting me in the looney bin, I've been their and I didn't enjoy it much even if lot's of people tried to make it a good time. Losing one's liberties is never a fun thing so why pretend it was beneficial for me. In another way it was a learning experience because I learned that I could draw in any situation. I drew caricatures in their just to make cigarette money, which I did with the help of a guy who gave me mattes that had been rejected from the framing shop they ran on the campus. I took those frames and drew pencil drawings on some good BFK Rives paper then mounted them in those rejected frames. Th…

Was That A Spring Day this week or What?

Bike Rides always perk me up, two days ago I got out and I am still thinking about how nice of a ride it was for me. Heading out on the Rivana Trail down at the river was truly a delightful time. The air was cool. The river was flowing well, and the light was that special type of winter's light that comes in so low and yellow from the horizon at dusk. I brought my camera and stopped a couple of times to take photos. That ride took me out from the gym and back into reality of how beautiful it is around here if only you go out looking for it. What fun huh? I'll tell you I enjoyed my ride. I even saw a friend running in the other direction from the way I was headed.
It wasn't such a bad thing to have a warm day in the beginning of March to break that indoor feeling of being cramped up and drying out to being full of life's warmth again.