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Learn from Atmospheric Science or We'll Lose Much

I think a friend of mine was right when he said "if a hurricane hits and destroys buildings and such, why do they rebuild in exactly the same spot, they shouldn't be allowed to do so because they will just get the same thing to happen again." I think he has a good point in these days of "global warming" because if one rebuilds in New Orleans we're seeing how the same type and size storm will come again, and again to this spot on our planet. With atmospheric conditions like they are and water temperatures higher than ever before one can pretty much see that storms along our Gulf of Mexico are only going to remain bad to worse in the near future so why should we invest in areas destroyed by storms like Katrina and ones to come like the one on it's way today to New Orleans Gustav.
I believe we do need to take a look at our own behaviors in light of the new weather patters that are changing the actual formation of our planet. We need to project the…

My Art and My Enjoyable Job

School is terrific so far, we've only been on the job site one day since last Wednesday, but I am hopeful that it will be useful to our student's job history and future. We are getting things in order for the coming school year, it takes a while to get use to the new pattern of activities but it's coming.
I have started a new painting but I haven't been able to find the time to work on it much. I think I put in two sessions of a few hours per session on this new painting. I'm feeling like this will be the last of the Japanese painting series. I can always go back to them later on but I'm finding it more interesting to draw pen and inks from those photos my Dad took in Japan while we live their. Either way I will work with those photos again, but I think I will tackle them with another medium.

Texting Announcements

We know you want to be one of the one's on the cutting edge, did you get the text message from the Obama camp? It came early in the morning, I heard it was sometime near midnight. Granted everyone wanted to know who the choice for Vice President would be and no doubt there must have been an attentive audience on the edge of their seats when the message was sent out early Saturday morning, I just wasn't one of them. It's a good thing to be using new technology but I think that a little forethought should go into it's usage and not just using it because you can. You've got to put yourself in the place of the person your sending your message to sometime, don't you think?

One Man's Thoughts On The Change Inside Us

Walking around town, I see many faces who's names aren't known to me but their face is; because seeing them over the years brings familiarity of them into my life. I enjoy seeing people gain their own stride in life and working in the school system you see students graduate and once in a blue moon you see them walking downtown and one can see if they are continuing to accomplish their goals in life by merely seeing their outsides. Now I don't belief you can tell a book by it's cover but you can tell some things by the appearance of said book but granted one doesn't know the whole store until one communicates with that person.
But people change over time, the question is does the person inside change? I'm still seeking the answer to that one. "Some do and some don't" so it seems to me. In my twelve step program I've learned that only through "stepwork" can we change that addict inside to be a person who's ok inside the …

While We Are Getting Ready for The Students

Preparing for the coming new school year what story is on the news but how the governor is planning to put education on the table for cuts in the coming year's budget, now that is an issue for me to feel good about and look forward to continuing to work in my career. Nothing like job security huh? It seems that the notion of job security is gone by the table with every career, but I know all I can and have to do is take care of myself today and let tomorrow take care of itself. Afterall, who really knows what lies ahead anyway, and why let it ruin today. Or this coming schoolyear for that matter, I'm hoping for a really good year. I will be working in a cafeteria dishroom with a couple of our students, keeping track of their work and progress towards independence on that job. I'm amazed that I am being called upon to teach others what I know about dishroom work, something I did for so many years and in so many different situations and something I never thought a…

Dealing With Character Flaws In Others

Another day without using anything to change my feelings or my thinking, this is the credo for a fellowship I willingly and happily belong to , it brings much joy into my life but it also can bring problems in living with others who suffer from our common disease. I guess I can be overly wanting to believe someone at their word and today and for a few days earlier I have had the wool pulled over my eyes in as much as a friend has been lying to me.
Dealing with deceit is difficult but it needs to be done or it will not sit easily with me. My life in Recovery is a learning process and addressing someone else about their honesty is a part of the learning process, it's a real issue which in days past I would want to overlook. Today, I can't afford to do that and I must face it squarely.

Summer's End Is In Sight

Summer has but a few days left for me before it's back to work at Post High. I have seven new paintings to photograph and then I need to post those painting"s photos on both my website and blogs etc...
One thing for sure, this summer I must have done something right because it's been a very productive and enjoyable summer for me. I got more paintings finished (worked on smaller sizes...well there you go) than I did last summer and met some people I really do value (old classmates up in Philadelphia on a trip up their) plus I saw a whole lot of artwork in both DC and Philly with my friend Dave Barrett. It's been a much more satisfying summer. The art I've done is much better, it's just painted better than previous work. And I've been able to link up with a group in Philly so that I will have six small paintings shown up their in Sept 8th thru Oct 8th at Benna's Cafe at 8th and Wharton Street in Center City with a group of Academy Alumni.