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Our First Decade of the New Millennium is Done

One morning where destiny is thought about seriously is tonight. Many reflect on what's been but I find myself planning for what can be ahead. Afterall, we can't do anything about the past but we can learn a great deal of how to work in our future from what has gone on in our past. So I find myself planning. What am I to paint? What am I to do if I loose my job because of budget shortfalls? What should I just keep doing because it's working for me? And maybe most of all "how can I be of service to the still suffering...." ?
New Year's Eve, it didn't ever mean much to me when I was getting loaded. Now, it's become and interesting model for looking at my own history and moving on with it in mind.
Our first decade of our new millennium, how unique the marking of time's passing is for me to witness. I didn't plan to be here, but I am thankful that I am.

It's Over, Let It Go

That storm was fun now that I can look back on it, now that we're done digging ourselves out of it. A lot of it is still on the ground but at only half the depth that it had been four or five days ago. It's just now getting plowed off our local small side street. But that's ok, we've already dug out most of the backyard getting out cars out of this part of town. It's was quite a sight to be sure. Now I have a slight idea of what people in Buffalo go through only they do this every wintertime from all that lake effect snow from Lake Erie.
It's good to be done with it. But it also was a weather event I won't soon forget. It's the same with my adolescent sentimental memory of the Blizzard of 1962 when I walk off to the Potomac River to sled down virgin hills of snow on the George Washington Parkway all by myself. It was one memory that hasn't ever left me in technicolor optics within my inner-eye.
Parents and Kids Had the Best of Times After The Blizzard

With this snowfall I saw people really enjoying their time with their kids out on the streets. Traffic was at a standstill and the winter season came with the entering of snow into our neighborhood picture. And the first thing done by our community was the parents took their kids out for what kids do in the snow the best, the sledding took over our streets and hills. Parents escorted them and I know they enjoyed watching them scale the hills and jump on the boards skidding down the runs.
One way to Navigate the Streets This Morning

On my walk around my part of town this morning I saw a lot of stuck and snowbound cars but with these guys well needless to say they had no trouble getting around the streets on their ATV's. It was a fun event yestereday for me, I was on winterbreak from the schools. All I had to do was stay indoors and sit it out. I watched a film "Mirrormask" which turned out to be cut short when we lost power. In four hours it came back on. I was able to warm up and finish the film before heading to bed. I enjoyed getting up and heading out for a walk with my camera after shoveling ourselves out.

Blizzard In Belmont, Charlottesville,Va.

We're Covered w The White Stuff Today.

This is my backyard and there is a stairway under their somewhere buried under some of that white snow. I think I'll be stepping carefully on the way out later on. We only have sixteen inches here but on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mtns they have twenty seven recorded inches at Sherando State Park. That's snug tucked up against the western edge of the Blue Ridge Mtns near Waynesboro,Va.
The schools just we let out for the winter break yesteday and no more than a few hours later this weather began to fall upon us. The officals say it's the largest snowfall ever that located itself in this part of Virginia that could be found in their records. But those records only go back to the ninteen sixties so I don't know how much creedence I would give that claim. It sure is nice though that we finally have some of the white stuff slowing things down. For me at least, it's a lot of fun. So f…
We're snowed in today...and it just grand to be stuck today. Happy Holidays and may many cheerful feelings come your way.
This is just a classic view of a dessert bar in a local shopping mall. I couldn't help but think of a current artist (Thym? or something like that) and his view of the pastery bars in the local bakeries up in NYC. He painted those desserts with such gusto that I could help but be reminded of him when I spotted this scene today. It's a wonderful thing, desserts in restaurants are such delights. Even with the colors used in making and their presentation.

The Best Donut You'll Ever Have

One of the very best features of the southside of Charlottesville's Belmont section might be "Sputnuts". Which is a chain restaurant that makes it's very own receipt of potato flowered donuts. If you've never had one your in for a treat. They are excellent and people make a line out the door to get them. The place which I have often been to is very popular with our hometown crowd, it opens early and closes by noon everyday.
It's original owner Richard, passed away after many many years of performing his early morning magic at this unique atmosphere. To our delight his lovely daughter has taken over the continued running of the eatery to our delight. She could usually be seen at work in the backroom kitchen of Richard's own "Spudnuts" for all the years I've been to the place.
They don't cost much, about a "fin" for a dozen of regulars, but your mouth won't let you stop putting more and more of them into it.

Down in Fifeville during the 1980's and 90's

I've been looking through some older drawings. I really didn't get a lot from them that I can show with confidence but there are a few. One has to go through a process in order to get to "the good stuff" but I did do the footwork to get to where I am today.
This drawing is one I did only a few years ago as I was living near the downtown area and a section known as "Fifeville". It's housed both the working class, African Americans and otherwise has had to have much of it torn down due to street changes and old dwelling becoming just too old to stand. One was a house I lived in and painted in, it was located on King Street. I lived their from 1979 or so ( I remember the new Pope was named the day I moved in which was Pope John Paul II at the time) until I was hospitalized for my addiction and usage of drugs until I went off. I don't do that anymore but I did and it was a part and parcel of my existence during my active days of my addiction…