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Banksy Does Hollywood: New Grafitti | Newsflavor

Banksy Does Hollywood: New Grafitti | Newsflavor This fella Banksy is very daring and very talented with his brushwork and stenciling. He picks upon those things out in our landscape that deserve some comments such as the one's he's chosen in Hollywood. He's a Brit but he's got it going on. I do thank him for his dedication to his craft. He's now getting good money for his work in some of the btter galleries yet he still goes out into the public realm of roadside signs and does his work for nothing more than it deserves to be done. Quite an artist.

Drawing From Life

Such a crazy place to work but somehow I know it's doing a lot of good, our guys are progressing into their adulthood with the guidance of our staff which I think helps and educates our students. We do a lot but what I sneak off and get into these days is drawing which is a true love of mine. I use to sneak off and smoke a pack of cigarettes with my friend Tom Beale but now it's going down to the gallery that gets me feeling in the place. Because we have hired a live model to draw from I am becoming more disciplined in my efforts with the pen. Working from life has usually been a struggle but it's getting to the point where the struggle is just what I am looking forward to doing. I am reaching a level where my hand works from my visual peering without ever looking down to see just what my hand is up to. This is when I am doing my best work I have discovered, just as my teachers always said would happen. Thankfully I have made enough work to have this unique occ…