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How "Roberto" became" Bob"

A good part of me wants to be a loving, caring man who has the capacity to love another being, in this case I've decided to take on a cat into my home. This happens after loving and caring for another young female cat for five or six years, only to lose her to diabetes. It was a while before I could accept it and move on but it's happened that I found myself ready for a companion in my home once again. So I took on a trip up the the local SPCA and found a cat that's not had the benefit of a home for the last three years. He's a good boy and we get along. His name was "Roberto" but I changed it to "Bob" cause he's moved on to being the unacceptable one to being my best buddy here within my home, and so a name change was called for. Bob is resting in the window bed I fixed him, he's not be able to just look out upon "life of the outside" very much in the last three years so for now he's just feeling good being able to lo…

Color Philosophy

It's been both a warm outdoor spring and now a cold winter styled time of the year. Today I am inside filming my artwork that I did earlier during a warm spell. The work is focused on the local houses not far from where I live, they are very typical of houses in this town. I enjoyed working on the various colors and features within their design. People almost always comment upon the bright intense colors I choose to use in my paintings. That's because I enjoy them. I love intense cheerful colors on my palette and I use them whenever I can. Mostly because I think of a work of art being on someones wall for a good time, well I want that art to be attractive to whomever looks at it. For me, the serious attention given to a painting upon the wall of someones home aught to be an enjoyable experience and therefore I think of nice intense color as being not only attention getting but soothing to view in a indoor room. And so I paint from the heart of what I do so much enjoy…

Plans of Mice and Men Sooner Can Go Astray

Upon our early springlike weather I popped out and put up my easel with canvas upon a local avenue that is titled :"Belmont Ave", it is here where I did a preliminary drawing before rendering it in oils this past Sunday. I have yet to photograph the oil painting but I did have this pen and ink which I will post. It's going to be a pleasure to get out once again into the elements with my equipment and in such accommodating weather it is very pleasurable to work in the outdoor air, and sun here in Charlottesville.
I am hoping to get something done this spring break or the very first week in April, but we will wait and never knows in this ever changing world with all the problems we have, have had, and will be having that are not even known about now.
I know that the truth is always subject to revision when it comes to making plans for my future. I've learned to just put somethings aside of my own self interest for the sake of the common good of pe…

My Concern For Japan

I have been sincerely touched by the events in my hometown overseas of Yokohama Japan where I went to school in my first three years of educational training. Back then there were mostly dirt roads and that city was nothing more than a Navel base and a departing point of overseas cruse ships. The thing that got me was when I saw NBC nightly news showing footage of Yokohama crumbling before people running in haste to save themselves from being crushed by falling debris. It was very disconcerting for me. I may not be Japanese or have a vested interest in that country at this point but the thought hit me that some of those people who were running from the falling bricks could have easily been childhood playmates of mine. I lived not on base as most Americans did but in a Japanese town by the name of Kamahira, we lived among the people of Japan from 1950 to 1959 which at the time was rather daring. In order to play after school I soon learned that I had to make Japanese friends, and…

Plans for the Spring Ahead

It's possible that our little part of the world might be the very best of places to paint. The spring and summer can't be matched and we are getting ready to head on into it once again with the blooms coming forth soon. The very best colors come out then, the very nicest light as well comes out to shine on. I will no doubt get out into it and paint some new canvases. I truly enjoy it but I do suffer from allergies which inhibit my painting. I can take meds for it but just never seem to get around to doing so. Maybe this year will be different cause I would like to get to work this year during our spring break, so many it will hurt bad enough to do something about it. We'll see. I hope to get to work on a large painting of a scenic street nearby my home. So we will see.