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Moving South

One main thing we learn to accept the older we get is that nothing or at least most everything changes sooner or later and we either accept that change an adapt or perish. For me the change comes willingly, I am moving my homeground to a location south of where I am sitting by about thirty miles. I am doing this next month, in the middle of next month actually with the help of many good men with whom I have been able to make friends with in the last few years.
The place is a small town where I once lived on it's outskirts decades ago. I am buying. For me that is groundbreaking due to the fact that it's a first for me. It's a new place being built as i write this, and it will be most likely the best place I've ever lived in where I am the one who is paying for it.
I've already staked out the lighting situation and because it is on the very top of a small hill without trees beside it it is just ideal for natural lighting and thus will be ideal for me…