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"End of Summer, Now Looking Back...."

Today is my final day of 'summer break' as it's known today. We use to call it 'Summer Vacation' but times change just as the people in these times changed too, most folks w eren't around n thosedays, but that's ok. Having a look back on my art production this summer I can easily say I didn't get as much done as I wanted to but it's also the case that I got twelve paintings not all that lazy of a summer. The most fun stuff happened when I was in the middle of a pasture painting what was just over the edge, the flowers were blooming, the bees were buzzing and the sun was out...what could be more involving than that!! It felt good to be alive, it felt good to be painting, heck it just felt good to be doing what I've always wanted to do, live like Vincent Van Gogh during his outdoor painting adventures. And now I think I have had a brief taste of it. Now what? Next comes the fall and winter indoor painting season when t…

Walton's Mountain , the Making of It

My Mountain paintings this summer have been a real change for me. I worked on them over and over but I still feel I could do another canvas of them all over again. The good thing is that I was able to spend the day in the open air among the flowers and greenery that I was working on. It's been told to me that this mountains include Walton's Mountain which is the basis for that now older TV show. It is fun to paint these mountains. They are big and they are nearby so one can easily see them while working on them. The thing is that there is so much of them. It's hard to see so much at the same time and then try to figure out how to paint there "nature" or paint the many small things in both color and form so that it looks and feels like those mountains I am seeing. My perception grows with the more I am looking deeply into those trees, seeing the "why it looks that way" and then translating that into my paint on a canvas. It may not be rock …

The Church Covered With Ivy

The best of life can sometimes be so subtle and quite when one is a visual artist. One sees buildings, people going about their lives and places sometimes speak quietly of there character and wisdom such is this building of worship in Schuyler. Schuyler is my adopted town of choice and of strength. In it's silence it speaks to me louder than a public city bus leaving the Transit Station for a run loaded with passengers. This particular building has that kind of a voice with me, every time it is in my vision or my car somehow passes it by, it speaks with reverence of the Holiness of my adopted town. That's why I felt I needed to try and paint it. I hate painting ivy. But I needed to try it. Ivy is all pretty much the same color at whatever time of day in which it is viewed. As boring as I felt this painting would be to make, I can say with certainty it wasn't boring to me as I labored putting it's image onto canvas. Such as it was, it turned out rather well I…