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Secretary Sands Rd View Eastward

I was fortunate this past weekend what with the warmer winds blowing favoribly in our mountains the desire to go out and paint while the palette was fresh and the land calling hit me saying "it's time to go out and paint". Such was the calling, and the result is as pictured. The fun was in the making of this painting, it all came together into this Thomas Hart Benton styled landscape although I wasn't trying to imitate him it does hint of his work. I loved his flowing mid-western hills and waters in the paintings I've seen of his, he had quite a unique movement in his manner of painting the land so much that it just moved one's eyes all along the stories of his paintings. He always told stories in his work. He's known for using local folklaw and putting it into form in his paintings. But he also had a nice way of depicting the lands of the mid-west, something I found and still find very appealing. So I guess I had it in the back of my mind when …

My First Work at Miller School

Although I am rather new to 'Plein Air' work, I am event newer to working in the countryside, I am a city painter when working outdoors. Buildings and industrial structures are mostly what I've been painting while living in the city. Working on an open field of grasses, trees and lowlying plants is rather an new and challenging task for me to manage with any degree of success. My early attempts are those which I hope my audience with be looking at with some forgiveness for it's ruffness. It's a subject that will take some time to become masterful with, and afterall we never really master our subjects, because we only learn to live with our mistakes. I will keep working on it though, because in the efforts of it comes gratitude of what I am trying to depict. I know people enjoy the end result and rarely see the faults that lye within those canvases, but I see often see the struggle in the painting before my eyes...but sometimes I am ok with it, those times a…

'Plein Air' Event at Miller School

The open invitation to come and paint in the outdoors truly both interested and drew me to go to the Miller School a few weekends ago for a "Plein Air" event. They opened up their back fields to artist of this area of the world for painting. I went. I enjoy a two days of work in the warm sunshine and the cool breezes of early autumn. The results where shown in a gallery on the backside of the Main Building of the school. I met others who had come to paint on those days there at the Opening last weekend. I felt moved while painting to 'get it down' and my work was rewarding to me. Here pictured is the result of my efforts.