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Boy's Day in Japan

When I was small and lived with my parents in Kamahira Japan there was this festival once a year where all the men in the family raised a "fish flag". It was bright and colorful and meant to signify all the males in the family. I had the honor of raising it for my home. The smaller fish is meant for those males who are children while the larger fish are for all the adult men in the household. It is a celebration that is particular to Japan and I think it is a nice one. We don't have anything quite like it say for the exception of Father's Day, but that doesn't include all men/boys as the Japanese holiday does. I had a black and white photo my father Lou must have taken while I was raising the larger fish flag with the help of our household gardener. I remember that this job was just sprung upon me and I just did as I was told until the gardener or my day (I can remember who exactly) told me just what those flags represented. Once I knew I felt quit…