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Secretary/Sands Rd an Oil

This new painting is done in the plein air manner where one sets up his easel and paints outdoors and works from what one sees out in the wild. This road that I painted is one that is very enjoyable to drive on. I am somewhat new to this part of the countryside, I lived here about thirty five years ago and only recently moved back. So although it's a new place for me to live in it still has some place in my memory. Its just that they are very old memories for me. But all that aside, this road is particularly lovely in the winter when some of the leaveless trees allow one to see through the spaces that are usually blocked by the foliage. In this painting I focused upon the sunlight that shines inbetween the trucks and upon the ground and road. Plus the colors are so different in the winter out here, the color of wood seems to shine forth so well in this scene. I hope you enjoy it, it was fun to paint.

Underpainting: to Some It's The Best Part

Painting can sometimes be a lot like making chocolate chip cookies in that the batter can be more satisfying than the finished product: and so are my paintings to some of my viewers. If I could only count the number of times I've heard people comment that they enjoyed my painting when I had just begun it (when I had painted the underpainting in brown monochromatic colors that is)meaning that I aught to have stopped back then. I feel like a small mouse then who ruined a nice cake of the house owner who is providing me a warm home. Point being, sometimes one can't provide what people are looking for in the artist quest for a finished painting. But an artist can record his progress of his creative act with photographic snapshots after each painting period. I did just that. I painted for eleven sessions and set up my camera and snapped away after each one. So here to satisfy those folks who like my beginnings much better than my endings...well I aim to please.