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"Although Cloven: They Still Stand Defying Gravity and Physics"

I've been working on this painting for a few weeks, it's right outside my back window but its' been somekind of effort and a half to get it done. Today I suffer with the leftovers of a short bout with the flue but I had enough energy to pick up my brush and get to work on this. These two trees are lumbering outside and dominate my backyard and view of the Rockfish River in so much as someone whom I repect said that "they had to be painted". Of coures I was resistant to the hilt but then I recanted once winter set in and I was needing something to paint without setting up outside, then the memory of what was suggested came to mind. I had the canvas prepared and ready to go. Since these tress are so large it took a big canvas to do the job and that is exactly what I had: the task became obvious..."do what one is told to do" and so I did. I put down some dropclothes and got to work. I've forgotten how long it took me but it was a longe…

Ya Just Gott'a Wait

At this time, I can only work on days off from work (ironic isn't it?) which are becoming frequent with the threat of snow having our schools hit the panic button and closing for the day...that's when I can work and I do. I am currently working out my back window of the view of trees on the riverside. The trees are focused on this one pair of Sycamore trees on the riverbank with the river flowing behind it. The opposite shore runs upward with a varying display of foliage upward to the background of faraway mountains and high trees. It's a challenge that I am going to and am enjoying painting. I will be taking my time with it and so this statement comes about just to say "hold on" my caricatures are on hold and my landscapes from my new found country life are on the way....ya just gott'a wait a while.