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A Resting of the Art Creation

Once a past woman friend who remains very dear to me answered a question I had for her by simply picking a flower and holding it up to me. Certainly she needed not to say anything for yes that was a good answer to my query of "What is your favorite type of art?" But yet it avoided saying anything specific to my question...yet I did get it..God's art is certainly far beyond anything mankind could ever come up with, yet some computer-graphics in various sci-fi films do put in the wonder in 'I wonder how they do that', yet the vastness of God's work and interplay that our environment has is certainly beyond our ability to conceive and I to stand in awe of it all whenever I look out my window. Just recently I paused to watch some group of butterflies and I simply sat down with my camera and witnessed some of that vastness I was writing about a second here another of those photos I took of them. Although I continue to work in the field of art I …

Museum Hopping

I took a trip down the road to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond today and I was somewhat dissappointed. The featured show was done with an art collection from someone who lived in NYC during the hayday of the Post Modern Expressionist. There were many of whom I had never heard of before and I thought the work they did show was really lacking merit. Simple color lines on paper does rate a museum of fine arts show in my opinion. There was one etching which was very simple yet not very accomplished in it's figure drawing, but who's complaining it was a free exhibit. The painting that drew me to take the trip seemed to have promise of some of those large color fields that those NYC modernist seemed to fall back on like the artist Joesph Albers or Hans Hoffmann but that piece stood alone. There were no large modernist works to see afterall and the painting being advertized was but four inches square if that. I can't say I wouldn't have made the trip be…