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A Bad Painting: but a Fun Day None the Less

Working out in the back fields of the Crozet private school called "The Miller School" was just right today, the weather was right, the clarity of the sky was good and it was a beautiful view from it. I set up on Saturday and painted for a few hours without reaching an ending point, but then I came back the day after. The work went well today and within a couple of hours I had a finished painting. The work ended up being a nice painting but the way I set it up wasn't so good, due to the design I used putting the barn in the lower corner. The barn sinks off the bottom edge pulling the viewers eye down and off the canvas surface. With the barn being such a highlight of the painting it can't be avoided so it's a sticky placement that makes this painting fail. I worked hard and well on it but I aught to have stopped in the very beginning and placed the drawing of the barn exactly right. I should have taken a better look at just where that barn is on the…

Rockfish Show: Nightime Fun on a Rainy Night

My Opening at the Rockfish Valley Community Arts Center was good for me and I was complimented on the quality of my art on its walls so it was a success. I had about twenty dedicated fans that made the trek in a wet rainy cold and dark evening to the Opening. I had ruffly twenty one paintings on it's walls. They were all very large paintings and the venue was just right for those sized paintings. I would have photos but I felt I was their to enjoy myself and not to record it with a camera around my neck. A friend who was working for the local paper came by late and took a few snaps that might appear on Monday I think he said but I was very happy with speaking to him and the many other friends who showed up. They told me my jaw aught to be very tired when the event was over. It wasn't. I could have greeted many more fans. I am more than happy to say there were many who I came that I was able to invite from casual meetings over the previous few weeks. It was…