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Flowers : the Underpainting

One must begin somewhere and for me well I began because I had to. Our teachers asked me if I would work with our students on another canvas as I have done in the past. Its sort of a fund raiser when we sell a painting made by myself and our students. The work is completed by our students under my direction while we are in session. I will bring it home and leave it alone as best I can but I may straighten up some small matters but leave as much as possible alone. This painting I am working on came from a photo I took during the spring a few years ago while living in Belmont which is part of Charlottesville, Va. The flowers bloom plentiful in that section of town so one spring I went out with my camera and photographed a good number of them. I took those photos and selected one to work from. On Monday I will bring this under painting that I did in Burnt Umber into school for the students to complete. I will work with them in order to put in the various color tones while…

Blane's Books and Coffee; the painting

Finding time to visit Scottsville, Va. again I brought along my paints w my easel, water and a nice straw hat to shield me from the sun. But I didn't know where I would be painting or what. I drove to downtown Scottesville and simply parked right where I found the first open space. I got out. I looked across the street and voila my subject was their. I pulled my equipment out, set it all up and got to work. Some passersby tried to sell me an easel they had no use for anymore while others simply said a nice 'Hello' and moved on. All the while the sun shone and I got my work done. Within two and a half hours of standing up I needed a break. I brought along a three legged portable stool and I set it up under a shade tree right next to my canvas and I sat down. I saw where I need to go, and beside being tired I saw where I could make a few painterly notes on the canvas and I could finish it up at home. So I did just that and I closed up shop. Then …