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Gibsons of Scottsville's Main Drag

The best feeling I've had in a while came when a patron and fan asked me to paint their place of business. They had seen my paintings and decided that they would like me to paint their place of business. In the past I put aside requests like these as merely not doable in the manner of the patron's wishes. In other words the painting most likely wouldn't come out the way the person who was paying for it would want it to but I put aside these ideas. So I said 'yes' in no uncertain terms. I'm not going to stop myself from doing what others would like to see anymore. Its simply a matter of being of service to my own home community, and it doesn't help that it also puts a little money in my pocket. I could be a stuffed shirt and live on my principals of just painting what I decide I aught to put on canvas or maybe I could take up the challenge and make a little money for doing so. I may be a bit of a people pleaser sometimes but it does feel go…