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Rockfish PO ;the painting

These railroads around here are unique, they send trains by in the middle of the night and whale on their lone whistles coming around the bend in the middle of the night. One stop for the trains was near here. The rail stop for Rockfish and Schuyler was about four miles away and the mail use to be put off from the trail mailcar onto an official Post Office located at the place where the train crossed the Rockfish River. The stop still exist but the train no longer makes any stop here, there is a Post Office now in our lovely town of Schuyler, Va. The hut and it is nothing larger than a 'hut' is no doubt where the mailbags use to be stored. The hut is still standing due to some committed locals who see to it that the Rockfish Post Office has a fresh coat of paint and is decorated for holidays like Halloween and other days of significance. I felt a need to paint this scene due to its ongoing visa of the tracks disappearing around the bend. I loved the perspective an…