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Beautiful Moment in the Evening Sky

Sometimes I just like taking an image that one sees only once in a long time, like this one selected for view on this page. Seen from my home, the light hit those clouds at about the best possible angle and moment to my taste. Its been a long time indeed since something as beautiful as that has happened here in my community. I felt God's artistic hand was being shown and His anonymity was being shown as the Great Artist that He is.

Murry's Steak Building on E. Market St.

Murry's use to be a wholesale meats outlet on E. Market Street in Charlottesville,Va. but they went out of business back in the nineteen eighties but there brick painted sign is still standing firm. How about the power of paint for ya? Its been their quite a few years past its' business's demise. I use to walk by it all the time, and I have to admit I knew one of these days I would have to paint it. Its so iconic for that part of the town of Charlottesville, and so here is my rendering of it. I know, I feel I could have done it so much differently, of course I mean I could and should have done it in so much of a better way than the way it turned out. We're (we artist) so bad about criticizing our own work, and I am no different than anyone else with this defect. But here is my entire feeling for that stretch of sidewalk viewing, its beyond just painting the Murry's building. Its about a lot more than just that, there are many memories locked away in the …

No U Go

I suppose a lot of people are going to be heading out for their family vacation, if they already haven't done so, well I came up with a memory of the time I was across this land at 'Half-Dome' in Yosemite Monument State Park. I flashed on it, so I did a quick character drawing of some men, a family of them taking in the view. There mostly saying ,"No you go, I'll wait here"