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A Non-Ordinary World

The realm of abstraction is an open ended place. My mind enjoys it. Its relaxing, a relaxing change from working on people and places in this world. An abstraction defies the physical laws of reality and thus is a fictional place with fictional people and object that done obey the laws of physics. This painting is one of such. I played with what we see in order to see what we normally don't. Its both a deep and surface treatment of what can be pictured on the picture plain. It is both meaningful and non-such in equal quantities. Its titled " A Non-Ordinary World" in an attempt to speak in an ecstatic manner about this life we live in the beginnings of the twenty first century.

Sometimes I am abstract: "Clothesline Abstract"

The nature of art is expression for me, and for me to be expressive is to have another look at canvases I find dull. Such is was for this "Clothesline Abstract" painting done over the past week that sat around for months. It seemed to always be calling on me to do more whenever I took a look at it. Then after finishing an rather lifeless painting of a city street I took it up onto my easel. The canvas told me what it wanted me to do and so I got to it. The soul of this work of course can be seen on an earlier posting, but when I had the older painting on my easel it sat lifeless and bare. I applied what I knew about colors that work together to form a ribbon and put them on making a contour over some rather obnoxious lengthy forms. I'd like to say it made the painting all new and good but I think what it did was change it. It is a much different work now, it seems to me to be an altogether different painting now, one that I rather like. It will hang in the l…

Walking Along W. Main St.

I found the scene along West Main is soon to change into an newer style cityscape of brick and glass with less ornamentation to its buildings. With this in mind I photographed some West Main Street buildings in the hopes of finding interesting scenes to paint. The signage is all a part of West Main and in that thought I painted this one with its graphic street crossing signage featured prominently in the picture plane. I highlighted the bricks in intense reds and developed the windows in a bizarre abstract display for each one of them. Each featuring one color being themed inside its frame as if each window display had its own abstract painting going on inside its area. Its all for the fun of it, I play with what is being viable to the view when I can. Nothing ventured nothing gained. It was nice how this one came together piece by piece with each painting session. Intense color came about as I developed its' scene on the sidewalk windows. I was going to bring i…