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The making of the painting "The Fife House"

Here is an example of how I start off a painting with a drawing in burnt umber using a brush to draw it in with, then I go over it with the colors I want to use. This particular one is of a former mayor's house in a wooded area of the city not far from the University grounds and Hospital. The family of the Fife's is to whom I write about, they both (husband and wife) became Mayors of Charlottesville some time before I arrived here. There house was designed and built with the same labors' who built Monticello they just came into town and hired out their talents for private contracts to whomever would employ them. The Fife family did so and this house which still stands today inside a wooded lot on Cherry Ave and 10th Street. I lived for years in the area of it and never even knew it existed until lately due to the woods that surround it. But here you can see how I work in a brown to figure out what belongs where and then once I get it all 'sized in' a…

An oil of: "10 St. and Wertland Ave.n' Charlottesville"

Another older building is somewhat expected when viewing a J Trippel site of artwork. I can't help it I like painting buildings of Charlottesville. Someone at the art center I belong to said "are we going to have more building facades coming in" so although I felt slighted some, I saw the point. I do buildings a lot. So much that a book is in the works because I do so many buildings. But more about that in the future once it is done that is (the book), for now I like to put something other than just a building, I am adding characters because of that comment. I felt the person who said that had come merit to what she was saying. Buildings are places where people dwell and work and such. I felt they should be include in my canvases somehow, without taking too much away from my structures. That's why the guys on scooters. The scooter idea is a new one for Charlottesville, its in an experimental stage with two companies putting them out in public place…