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"Excel Station on Salem Rd" an oil

The county-side near Schuyler has a lot of history embedded in it. A gas station at the end of a road for example is over grown and out of commission as far as being a place of potential business. It does stand out from its surroundings with its red and white signage plus the still standing building with its full color. It actually looked like someone had gone to the trouble of painting it recently yet it still is uninhabited by any visible owner. Yet it stands colorful and proud alone in the woods. It as a major undertaking to paint, yet it reveled itself to be worthy of my effort with brush and palette. The color worked well using cool colors for the shadows. Under the overhang covering over the pumps and the doorway area I used warm colors (reds and oranges and greens) for the reflected light of the earth under the roof. I used sunthicken oil for the sky working it over a couple of times to get the richness of the contrast between clouds and skyblue. Overall it …