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Fourth 'a July in a Small Town

This painting is the last painting done in the series of work that I began two months ago in June. The painting is taken from a photograph I snapped on the downtown mall here in Central Virginia at the small college town of Charlottesville. You will run into a lot of comments about Charlottesville from me due to the fact I've spent most of the last forty years within its boundaries. I now have escaped to a smaller community. Anyway America is on parade everyday on Charlottesville's downtown bricked over Main Street which is now known as 'the downtown mall' with its stores and open air bricked over plein air eateries n bookstores plus it has its share of coffee shops. The painting I did was to give a snippet of its culture that passes over it on any given afternoon/evening. This painting is a oil painting and its large. It took all of three weeks to do it. I painted at least two n a half hours a day and at most eight hours 'n a day of work time in order…