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New Jobs for Me and How I'm Seeing Our Economy

Today I begin a new works site with two of our students in a job in a hospital service department in a place called Peter Jefferson Place just outside of town. I am thankful to be working with two very good students who have integrity and a calm demeanor.
In the morning I will work with my group in the dining hall dish room and then go right over to Peter Jefferson Place around noon to work with our students right after they finish their lunch.
It looks like our economy is in need of some fixes, and I really wonder if our country has what it takes to pull itself together. I know this presidential race will have a big affect on our economy and it can't happen fast enough in my humble opinion. I think it just drags on for a little too long with the primaries happening so early. There is all to much time for candidates to stumble on their own words.
I see the stock market taking big swings and from what my relatives said who were alive during the market crash on Black F…

Winter VSA Exhibit Tomorrow

I'm looking forward to a traditional artshow that I am involved in making happen (me as well as many many other people) it's the Very Special Arts Exhibit at the Martin Luther King Center for the Performing Arts Center. It's a mouthful but it's a good show and features many artist who don't show there work at any other location during the year.
I enjoy seeing everyone and knowing that they are having a good time with original artwork on the walls. The good thing is that it is funded and doesn't cost the artist anything to enter or show there work at the Center. We are granted the priviledge of selling work (or not) and some of the art is shown later on in the year at the Albemarle County Office Building on Mc Intire Road.
It's nice to mill around and hopknob with others in the art field of whom I personally might not have seen for a good while because of working so much. I am thankful for the opportunity to both show my art and help others enj…

Photgraphs: my Dad's influence on me

There is a historical side to me. I like revisiting the past of my family as I'm sure most people do other wise Kodak wouldn't have been so popular in the past selling memories to family upon family. Now with digital photography the past can be seen closer to the present than ever before. But I digress, the past of my childhood has recently come to my attention with regards to some photographs I rescued from my mother throwing them away. They are photos that my Dad took and with the help of a friend I was able to digitalised them and print them on a few CD's for safe keeping.
I am currently working on paintings that deal with using those same photos as reference points for artwork of my own. My Dad as it was noted was really good a composing a photograph from life events. I'd like to think some of that trait got passed down to me. In art school a professor and artist said he liked my composition a lot in an early painting of my cartoon style at the Academ…