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Autumn on Skyline Drive

What an awesome time up in the mountains this past weekend, it was incredible for me. I've lived so nearby this wonderful place but seldom have I taken the time to be in them and walk into their trails. The trails took my on a journey to another mental place. The place my mind went was one of awe and joyfulness for seeing such plants in change of their states of being due to the change of seasons. It was terrific to see all those huge trees which were so old and big because people weren't allowed to cut them down. Then there were the berry bushes which had their yearly harvest on their branches, and not to overlook the changing leaves of those ever so wonderful trees which colored the light that fell on our trail. Truly something I didn't expect to see, I thought I was in for merely a walk but on our journey up into the Skyline Drive trails at Trayfoot Mtn and Loft Mtn I was overwhelmed with awe for the natural changes of autumn in the forest this year.

Heading Out For Camping

I'm headed off to campout in the mountains this weekend with a friend from work. We're going to be on Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it should be a good dose of what fall is for all, since the leaves are changing and we are expected to have much cooler temperatures than we had been getting it should be very nice. My liking is for cooler autumn temps and hues in the foliage around us. This is such a great area of the country for this time of year with all the leaves changing into such wonderful variety of colors. I am looking forward to walking through it all and taking some really good photos which I will share with everyone once I return on Sunday.
We will campout up on the mountains and there is talk about the black bears being so prevalent near where people frequent up on the trails so we might have some unexpected visitors on our campout up on the hills.
I'm interested in getting some good photos so I will have a good number of them when I retur…

Financial Priorities

We have troubles but I know we will pull up from this nosedive, many professionals around the world are working to help shore up our financial markets. I hope and pray that it works out for our good future. I know that Pope Benedict XVI says that we should not put our hopes in the success of our investments but that is the way of the western world, that is how our economy does it's thing and help nurture those who are in our Main Street businesses and our people who work in those businesses. I do believe that faith in Christ Jesus is of the highest priority but we too have to help out our country and it's workers. I know some people invest only for greedy purposes, but others are doing so to help them at a time when they won't have the ability to bring in money. We people become older, they need to be invested so that they can live out their lives without the struggles they had when they were younger. Let those who have worked so long in our society gather some…