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A Sunday Morning Tradition

The time goes on. I use to be one to go out for the Sunday Morning Buffet with the all you can eat portion being one of it's main attractive features. I'd load up my plate and sit with my buddies and devour the Sunday papers with my eggs, and stuff of all kinds until I was stuffed. I enjoyed doing that after a night of partying but that was thirty or more years ago, now I just sleep late. I don't party either. But the tradition of Sunday breakfast and the paper goes on despite me not being a part of it. It was fun. I got to have a few laughs with my friends and I think that meal helped me survive my drinking and partying back then with some good food and reasonable conversation.
The other Sunday morning, I was able to draw this group at their Sunday breakfast tradition happening across the street from my drawing pad.

Hurricane Ida and Drawing this Month

With all this rain, you'd think all of our problems would be solved. But no, the creeks around here have risen, the tree limbs are falling all around and we've gott'n our first dose of cold wet weather for the season. But that's ok. We needed it after-all, water is a necessity and having it fall and replenish the land and it's creeks and tributaries is a wonderful gift. It simply can put one in a down mood and as long as the creeks don't rise all too far as they did here in 1963 with Camile well we'll be ok. I wasn't here then but I do know how it hurt people and their families in Central Virginia.
The good thing for us is that the worst part of this storm of Ida has past and we have a sunny warm day ahead this weekend. I'm looking forward to a day of sunlight and seventy degree weather. It's be rare that we've been able to enjoy such a day this month so far. I think we've had one, maybe two days such as those this month. An…

We Made Our Expressive Statement Today

Expression is one of the Constitutional beauties of our country. Today,
at the Writing Wall just outside of our City Hall is our place of group conscious
our place of democratic chances and proverbial "shout outs" where we met
this morning and placed a drawing with meaning on it. Ours was a statement
of an upcoming film event that features people of all ages with disabilities called
"The Sprout Film Festival'.
Here one can see we students of Post High putting the final touches on our
visual expressive statement. Too bad not everyone I met agrees with our
ability to do so, but what are ya gonna do?