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Jak and Jil ; the painting

Getting my art on today, I finished my latest painting of a local hangout from back in the day, or so the locals tell me. I've been here over thirty years but I'm still 'from the north' but that's ok I still feel welcome and a part of this place.
The painting was started on location painted from a hillside with the permission of one of the neighbors, it is of "the Jak and Jil" restaurant and it's big. Working on it a number of times with my watercolors it has turned out rather well in oils. I enjoyed painting moreso with a 'painterly effect' of brushwork, I left finishing the surface so paint strokes did show off this one. A painter friend said I should let people see how I have painted a painting so with this one I am attempting to make that so. I rather enjoy the effect and when one is in the presence of the actual canvas one can really see 'how he did it'.
I have yet to photograph it but I will get to it before too mu…

Efforts of Today

The day was an eventful one where the work got done a little at a time but looking back on it well it all amounted to the contribution of our students to the overall good of the community. I can definitely say that they do make a difference here in this little town. The nice thing is that they are appreciated for their good efforts it just that pizza parties as a way of saying "thanks" doesn't make good newsworthiness for local TV. And I understand that and you that's ok, I actually don't want to be show in the tube. I just want to do my work and I think my students are ok not being in the limelight just as I am.
I have been painting it's just that it hasn't been that consistent lately, it's grabbing a morning where the light is good or an afternoon when the sun is out and all the errands and jobs around the apartment are done with that I get the time to paint. But one is in the cooker and it's a better one than the one before it, so I…
The Groom is Being Fed Cake but see that guy in the corner, if you didn't know that the groom actually works in the kitchen of this restaurant you would think this scene to be pretty strange. Why is he laughing so hard over their in the doorway. Well Jon is the pastery and dessert cook for the Ivy Inn where this wedding of his took place today. I just happen to be in the right place to capture this very funny and strange reaction from his fellow kitchen chiefs. It was a very wonderful wedding and truly a gift to be their and be witness to all the joy shared this weekend.

Wedding in the Valley

Today I was able to get over to Weyers Cave and attend a wedding of a good friend and fellow teacher. He really had a perfect day upon which to get married and hold an outdoor reception. I was able to bring my camera and get some nice snapshot of the event. They were both every happy people and I only wish them the best in their days to come united in marriage. I enjoyed the drive over and back, the view from the mountains was amazing today with the visibility being of utmost grandeur. Truly a good day for us all that live in this corner of the world.
Nothing like a wedding to get the blood going in the morning. It was a festive and joyfull wedding of my friend Tim B. It was a great day weather wise for the outdoor reception and I enjoyed it. Others seem to have a joyful time as well. It took place in the Shenandoah Valley up near Weyers Cave and on a hilltop parking lot one could see almost the entire town of Weyers Cave. Truly a Blessed occasion and I'm glad I took the trip. May the happy couple have many wonderful days together in their time to come.

A Nap Time Wish This Morning

Just getting underway today we all seemed to be very very sleepy, I mean everyone was yawning. It really was quite comical. The dark clouds interspersed with sunshine seem to put us all into the state of eternal slumber love. The chill in the air was very autumn like and it helped people want to crawl back under the covers this morning and not be at work, but the day went on with our lives not wanting to be where we were, at work doing our jobs and "keeping on task".
We got through it's time for a nap.