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There is nothing like a group of loving caring people for a good Thanksgiving dinner...which is what I enjoyed tonight. It's the meaning of friends and family that one can comprehend in times like these pictured here.

Wyant's Store in Whitehall,Va.

It is noted that Whitehall Virginia is a throwback to an earlier time, a time when people knew who you were whenever one was to shop in the store such as this....its something found in the rural areas of this state and not so much in the cities of Virginia. This is one of my paintings of such a place, where the guys inside it are all gathered talking about what's news in the area over some snack food of one kind or another. They were all very kind to me once I stopped in to see the inside of this store once I was done painting for the day. I enjoyed working on this is the second of the same subject, the store was interesting to work on so I took a second look as it were and painted it again. It's wasn't so much that I didn't like the first painting of this country store it was more that I enjoyed working on it so I thought I would prolong the joyfullness by doing it a second time. I'm sure you have no idea what I am talking about..well just have a …

Autumn Warmth

It's been a crisp and clear Autumn here in Central Virginia this year, which has been great as far as seeing all the color changes that have been happening amoung the trees. Such as it is coming to a close and most of the leaves have fallen now, the ones that are still on the trees are some of the richest in hues and intensity. I was able to photograph a few off to the side of a nearby bridge in this city. These are but a few of the examples of what joy it has been to see them.

New Art

My newest painting is dealing with a "hot spot' from yesteryear in this city. It's a date spot where the drive-in style of eating happened in the evening hours. I suppose before, during and even moreso in the afterhours of high school football nights was when this restaurant really took on a life all it's own. It's still around decades later on and I set up my easel across the street in an empty lot (with asking permission from the woman who owns it) and painted a start of this spot. It's called "Jak and Jil" and everyone with either from here or who lived here at that time can tell you about their favorite dish with a tone of voice that betrays that this spot was about more than just the food. And so this is my painting: it's down at Skylight Gallery just off the downtown mall on 2nd Street where the free trolley passes over the mall heading north. I hope you will see it in person if or when you find yourself in the area.

Art Show Annoucement

I am having folks view my painting only at Skylight Gallery. I feel that posting my work online (my paintings at least) takes traffic away from the struggling galleries that I am supportive of so I am simply asking my fans to head on down to 2nd St NW right by Fellini's and see them. I have three nice painting up on their walls. I hope you will feel welcome to head on down tomorrow to First Friday's where i will be in Skylight Gallery during the early evening (5 to 7 pm) I've love to have you see my best and newest stuff.