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Early Springtime in Belmont

A new work done over my spring break from work, it took all of my energy to work on this one canvas due to the overwhelming amount of area that it covered in it's breath. My breath was diminished once it was done, it was too four to six hour sunny days of working on site. Then I touched it up at home. It's an oil painting about twenty inches in height by thirty eight inches in withe. It's of a street scene nearby to my home. It's a street with a good number of flowering trees on it and they were just beginning to bloom when I began this canvas. I added the flowers to the trees in as much as they were blooming then and in the days just beyond the time of it's execution. I hope you all enjoy my effort.

The Blood Red House on Belmont Ave

A new painting of what I dubbed "the Blood Red House" is a view of a really nice looking porch on a house that caught my eye. As it turns out, it is a new purchase by the farming cultural community of disabled Americans known as Innisfree, it is a housing unit for clients who will live in town. I enjoyed a good view of it in the way that the trees still haven't bloomed with their leaves yet, so I got a really unobstructed view of it to paint it. I stood across the street as the flower pedals dropped onto my palette while I was working. The wind was stiff. The colors were grand that day and the sky was clear of clouds so the sun shown brightly down on me. I got a small amount of sun that day, but it was all worth it because of the result. I might even go back and create an even larger painting just to do this view justice.

Life with Bob

My newest helper is Bob; he's a union guy I hired from a local homeless shelter. He works for food and shelter. I do what I can to get his psychic going in a positive direction again but it's tough. He mostly sits around and sleeps...I do what I can to keep him active but it's hard. He like giving me advice about everything I do. He's got an opinion about the way it aught to be done about everything. Oh well, maybe if I just keep giving him the word to stuff the hairballs from his ears into his throat he might learn something. I'll keep at it.