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Here it is!

Country Move: New Studio Begun

My new studio/home is truly something I didn't see in the cards yet I was able to work it out with the help of some friends to buy it. There were more than one reason to buy this place yet I find it truly appealing just because of the amount of natural sunlight it gets. During the morning I am able to see the sunrise, and in the afternoon the front room gets plenty of sunlight as well, so it's perfect for my needs as an artist. So I've already got a canvas underway and it's only been during my first week of being here. The house is in a remote location so I won't publish it's whereabouts but it's safe to say that I still get into Charlottesville for work and now that I drive so far I am very conscious of how little driving I use to do when living in town. I truly saved myself from burning a lot of fuel over the last ten years by biking to and from work as often as I did. Now I guess it's someone else's turn to ride and my turn to conserve when…