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Resting after a day's work; I am in the middle of making a new painting dealing with mixing an abstract idea of balloons and a figure on a cell phone with blending in a setting sun with shadows added. I like giving myself problems then getting to work solving those very same problems in paint. Soon to be working on a daily basis my summer break is only two weeks away and I am planning to get outdoors to show the great countryside of Nelson County to the world. (or whomever takes a look at this blog) So stay tuned, and be patient with me the work will be coming fast and furious soon.


The summer break had me thinking about Vincent Van Goth, the artist truly knew little about rest, he works number in the hundreds when there is nearly enough time for him to have finished but a few paintings. As a friend put it; "if anything he was a workhorse" he produced nine hundred paintings in just nine years, it's taken me decades (more than one) to do life and finish more than seven hundred, here in this work of mine I remember his style and efforts. As most people do, when one not well versed in art thinks of their favorite painting the painting "Starry Starry Night" most often comes to mind. This is my tribute to him and his work.