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Taking a Closer Look at Life Surrounding Us

"The world goes by and if you don't grab it by the horns so will your chances go by" as someone once said ( I just can't remember who exactly said such a thing but I liked it when I heard it thus remembered it) such it is with art. One must take the drive to create and go take it into one's day to day life. So I do. I occasionally bring along my sketchbook with me into the city, here I sat down for twenty minutes and sketched a couple of scenes across the street and simply "crocies" (forgive me if I misspell it) that took no time at all but when I got them home I was very thankful for having made them. They are notes on my daily life. They are short looks into my surroundings. I can take a moment to remember that when I draw. It stops me from my taking my life for granted because I stop and take a good look at what is making up my surroundings. In my notebook I draw showing the people, places and things that are all over the place but that …

Just a Nice Spring Rain

Yesterday and for the next few days we are expecting to get a steady rainfall. I decided to not let it stop me from taking a few photos of the nice roses that have exploded in my front lawn. I am new here and I wasn't expecting them. Being a man of taste I am enjoying the sight of them each and every morning. I can't help but share them with you on this blogsite, what with all the bad news out their I feel like sharing a little of the beauty that I see in my life here in Central Va. It had rained as I mentioned and that put a nice covering of rain upon those roses, I think it helps them look fresh and a little brigher in the dim light of a grey morning sunlight.