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Most Often Asked Question Thesedays "Have you done any more art?"

I'm currently not painting due to the need to "make a living" by working in the schools. I work as a teaching assistant with special needs young adults who are moving from the school world to the 'real world'. I help them with living skills such as how to effectively wash there own dishes to managing to wash laundry. Then we also do some 'job training' by working alongside of our students in the city's community at a local business. It's truly a change of pace for me and it is a very meaningful job to do with people. Until the end of the school year I will be devoting my fulltime to taking care of my needs for work and then taking care of my home as well. I bought an electric lawn mower and it's great, it works well and I don't really have a problem dealing with the cord while mowing my lawn. Its a lot more fun and easier on my constitution than the bladed pushmower that I was using, that one didn't have a motor. Its…