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210 Douglas Ave or What's Big and Blue on Douglas Ave?

Sometimes people call me up and ask me to paint there house. Its not that there house needs a new coat of paint but more like they want to remember it the way it is with a canvas study of it. In the past I didn't do commissions but I've found that I am missing out on a good paying challenge. For me all I did was start saying "yes" once someone might ask me while I am set up outdoors working on a landscape or something such as that, the main thing is that I started saying it instead of sending those folks away. As its turned out, I have benefited by doing so. If this is selling out well at least I can paint houses in a manner that suites me and not just making an architectural study I am making a creative work of art only of a certain object that another person has wanted me to be doing. Its been fun as I always want my painting to be so no harm done as far as I can see. This was a particularly nice house with many interesting dimensions to it. I reall…

"Red's Eats"

A friend asked me to paint this spot called "Red's Eats" that's located somewhere in Maine of all places, and I just didn't get around to working on it until last night. The reason he requested this from me was due to all these characters standing in line shouted "JT's people" out to him and he thought I would enjoy working on this ques outside waiting to be fed. He took a few random photos and got them to me one day when he happen to be with me. I didn't turn him down. I was flattered he thought that of me, and that he knew me and my work well enough to link up this event with the kind of paintings I did regularly years ago. Since moving out into the countryside I don't actually go to my caricature work that often anymore, I on occasion pick up the pens and get into the craws of my imagination but not as much as I use to, my desire to do so has subsided. Age has something to do with it, or so its said. The drawing it take…