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Reids Super Saver Market of C'ville

The city has a market near downtown that is a local anomaly where native and newer city dwellers alike buy there food. The store is packed with items such as perch and bass that have been caught by local fishermen and sold to the butcher inside. Its then packaged and sold to its customers. Locally grown vegetables also are put out on its shelves for purchase, it houses almost anything a cook might want that can be found to grow in our little area of the world. Its a great store and one that has its own aura from the outside streets looking in. I snapped a few photos while running across the street before it and I brought this store into my collection of canvased memories so that it won't be forgotten as Charlottesville grows. This along with other city buildings are not going to be around forever due to progressive land restructuring. New hotels are going up as I write in the downtown area and I'm sure this store is being eyed due to its location. It is the o…