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"The Blue Moon Diner": Redesigned and Repainted

There are cheap places where you can have a low cost breakfast and then there are those places where you can have a "made in-store" low cost breakfast that is well worth the money spent, the Blue Moon Diner has always been one such place. It has had a 'make-over' recently but it still holds its own even after putting on a new look. The diner has been around as long as I have so its at least more than thirty years in its lifespan. Yeah, I guess its nothing more than a much longer lasting restaurant than others are and have been in this town, and I too must admit it is a 'greasy spoon' but its a good greasy spoon. In as much as the restaurants around here have gone over to a healthier menu eliminating food high in HDL and cholesterol this type of place has outlived its style of food fare. Yet it hangs on and almost an historical location now that its been existing for so long. I liked the older building which I too painted a canvas of (and one c…