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'Another Go' at the Guadalajara Restaurant

This restaurant has such a mysterious pull to it, I'm thinking "it needs another go at it" and so I pulled out my brushes once again. First I began a second and larger painting of it. Then while in the process I decided to add in some detail of the telephone wires that pass by but I failed to note in my first painting of the 'Guad'. That didn't take long to do. Once done I got back to work on my larger but not too too large second rendition of the Mexican restaurant 'Guadalajara' in the downtown area of Charlottesville. It took some time to finish it. Working on the canvas in two and a half hour stints I finally got it done in one week's work. In working on it I had to put it down and say it was done but then see something that needed a little more ....I had to do this a good number of times before I put it down for a final drying period. I liked the final result. I felt that I accomplished what the physical and spiritual feelin…

Fun Drawing , Believe Me, Just for Fun

Fool'n around I worked up this mess of people doing wrong to others, what I am thinking I don't know but it was fun. I create some nonsense sometimes at the cost of my reputation as a friendly guy I think. This one has a happy smil'n man putting on a woman's hair, now I don't think for a moment that one aught to take part in such and action but still one has to have fun with some wild ideas this being one of those. I tease with the hope that no one would actually perform this action on anyone else, it would be flat out wrong. But in drawing, it is possible to put down some images that in the real world would bring down ire from above, but this is art not reality. And its not to be taken as something one would advocate as something to do to another human being, certainly not!! I simply draw, and this seem to fit my feelings for the moment while at the drawing board. I really don't see the harm. Its all in fun. So please take it as such.

The Guadalajara Restaurant To Come Down

A staple for any of us who lived in the downtown Charlottesville area during the past two decades has been the restaurant "Guadalajara". It was a hamburger joint run by some drug happy folks who would be glad to give you a free burger for buying something not on the menu. They gave away their profits I think, I don't know this to be fact though but it sure seemed like they ate up all their profits to me. The restaurant went under in short order (sorry about the pun but..), and this group of gangling seemingly Mexican folks took over the place. They decorated it up with some funky artwork and a new color scheme taken from the colors of the Mexican flag, then on top of that they named it after a Mexican town. Fancy that! After visiting it and enjoying the huge cocktails they sold I actually found myself enjoying the food. They weren't much on spices but they did fill the plate in (what was to me) unique and satisfying way. Tacos, Enchiladas and burritos we…