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Figures on a Stairway

To begin I took a figure towards the left here and just drew what came naturally after that; for some reason unknown to me I put all my figures on an elevated train station stairway heading up. Why I don't really know I just know it seemed fitting. These are pen and inks', the pens are plentiful in the stores here so I use them quite often to break from traditional painting. One use to have to labor over those repediographs (forgive the spelling, they are out of circulation now) pens when one was done with the days work. The stem had to be cleaned out and reassembled, and they always seem to get clogged up with dry ink before one could ever get anything useful out of them again. What a pain! But today's while they are disposable they still can make for more than just one drawing per pen. Plus they are a lot more affordable that those old nineteen seventy technology was for me and my wallet.

Battles 'n Abstraction

When I am tired of doing the same old art expression, I will change my expressions to another medium. Pen and ink are the usual culprits that get my wrath. Here in this pen and ink I played around with the ideas of ships, pirates and abstract shapes of absolutely no relevance. Shapes for shapes sake. I do like making ships though, when in school I often penned a good number of ship to ship battles. Of course I was listening to the teachers the whole time, I mean really I was...there was just this battle that had to happen on my notebook I was taking notes on that's all.