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Thoughts on Creativity and "clinical madness"

Sitting within my own dreams as I draw I allow my consciousness drift as I draw and I came upon this idea of the crying clouds in suites holding a flower. I like to be creative and I like to make sense but the two don't add up when I am drawing. I've heard a very boring doctor state how creative people are madmen due to having exhibited madness in simply being able to be very much above the bar when it comes to creativity. Perhaps, but if I'm not hurting anyone and people are enjoying my images then where is the harm and why be a "name caller". Today putting that kind of label on people merely because they can draw better than you forces many younger people in art school to doubt themselves and if they say off drugs then more power to them and their creative ideas and artwork. Oneself is the best person to say if one is not able to handle what the world puts in front of us. So if you wondering if one must be crazy in order to be creative, well of co…

Mythological Point of Light

All through life I have had a love of land formations and the very fact that we are made of this stuff we call 'earth'. Then we get to live this thing called 'life' plus in doing so we get to witness that very earth we are made of in all various states of its' being. Then in comes the sunlight to give us a look at the earth in all kinds of different shades and states. Today I saw what I like 'rocks' lite in a unique way due to the shades of light after a storm ran by us. It lite these rocks in my yard in a surreal and almost mythological manner. I might not be in the mainstream of growth here in my little acre but I am in the place where I like to be.

Ben Franklin W. Main St.

Charlottesville's Ben Franklin was still in business when I arrive in this college town back in 1978. That type of store being what it was which was a place for nothing too important or necessary to buy but it was a great way to spend some time. Sometimes one might discover an item that wasn't what one had in mind when one arrived in the store but once found, you couldn't leave without it. That's what 5/10 cent stores use to be like. A place to brows with nothing much in mind and you could find almost anything inside of them. They were packed with junk, cool junk, stuff you loved to see just for the novelty of it. When it came time to paint this store, I couldn't remember just what it actually looked like with its lettering and colors. I search various photo sights and nothing turned up. Although it was a franchise it still varied in design from store to store. So what is left is a building in concrete that has the form of what it use to be but no …