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Murrey Steaks Building on West Main St. C'ville, Va.

I've been thinking again in ink. I've got an idea of what I want to do next and I am playing around with it in an ink and paper motif. I might do this and perhaps not, because I wonder,"Who afterall wants to see these buildings in oil afterall?" But I enjoy them and have done them before in watercolor which is a big help due to having a prior knowledge of what lye ahead.

Greenberry's Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is usually a spot where one can find the pulse of the city. It is that way with this coffee shop "Greenberry's" that I have painted. It has been in existence a very long time. Its a simple spot, one that serves a few pastries and a number of coffees' as any coffee shop would. It is also where many of the University's students hang their hats. And many of my own friends have as well over the many years. I wanted to remember it with some paint and doing so it took some painstaking time and attention to detail in order to make it 'right with my sight'. I think I got it even with some of the flaws in color not being an exact match to those of the shopping center's paneling on its buildings. I hope you can get over that issue for the sake of showing what one of this town's meeting places appears as in the city scenery of Barracks Road. This is a small canvas, however it is a wide or long canvas. I used mostly sun thick…