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Abstract #17

Many times one gets a look into one's soul from writing what one does or experiences in life. Art on the other hand is a time when one responds to life with color, shape and form when one is making an abstract painting. Seldom do I go into an abstract canvas with a preconceive thought or notion of what I want to do. I do best when not 'thinking ahead' unlike most of my time being alive in this thing called 'the twenty-first century living'. My enjoyment as I have stated in previous posts is 'getting lost in the moment' with my work being the very vehicle of that bliss. This particular painting is one that I stopped and restarted again and again in as much as I felt it needed a little more, and then again a little more, and so on. Before I stopped completely, I took a good look and saw where the canvas need nothing more in order to be 'complete in itself'. Abstract #17 is one in many times during this summer of experimenting where I went o…

A Little Bit; Abstract 16

This is a fun work of art, it was not preconceived. It happened entirely as I sat behind the easel and 'gave myself the problem'. I had a good time making it, and it wasn't complete until I had 'finished it' and framed it, then pondered what I had done only to discover an imbalance which shouted out that more work was needed. So back on the easel it went and I put those touches that 'just made it so right'.

Wild Abstract 15

Here in my home I work on a lot of different things, today it was humus: humus with halopinas and lime to be exact. It turned out quite well. I followed the receipt. Then I worked on my next canvas. It went fast. I worked with the color of the rays and got them just that way I wanted it. Then I worked on them a little more. All in all it seemed to be an ok painting with only one exception; the line up of the screw was off kilter between being inside the circle with an internal square and being outside the square. I would be bothered but I didn't see that much wrong with it that way. I would suppose some finicky guy might have a cow over it but hey its art. We have license to break the rules if we want to and here I did 'want to' so I'm leaving it 'as is' Hope you like it. It was fun to make with all the bright colors and all. Let me think for a while as to just what I wish to call this canvas.

Abstract 11 redux

It needed some more, or so I decided upon the state of midsleep last night in bed. So, I got to it today. Its more defined with what I added.

Abstract Eleven

I enjoy playing around, as it has been stated in this blog on earlier dates, I use the canvas to imagine what logically comes in a sequence of shapes. I have nothing in mind when I begin and let it unfold one shape at a time. Then add color as an aferthought to the drawing placed upon the surface one shape following its persecutor in a sequence of blended objects. I enjoy its' progressive development as I work on it. Toward its endpoint, I feel disappointed that it must come to its completion because I want it to go on and on in a never-ending development, but it can't.