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Main Street Market

Planning to remember buildings standing on West Main Street in Charlottesville is an ongoing task I have under taken. I will finish some but many buildings have already been leveled or are being prepared to undergo the wreckingball in short order. This building is one of a place that underwent a renewal as a multi-store location all in one building. It was used because it was still a structure that could hold occupants with ease. Across the street from this Market there are two houses that are coming down to make way for yet another hotel on West Main Street. This building was spared by it being made into a location for new trendy businesses within its old walls. I liked the colors chosen by the new occupants on the outside of the building, the color is not one usually used in our city but it looks attractive none the less. I am thankful for the revitalization of the city yet I do feel some remorse for the removal of some of these older buildings. Luckily this particul…