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'Public Oyster' on W. Main St.

This is an eating spot on the main drag in our little college town where people have a chance to partake in oysters and other shellfish. It is well loved and favored by the townspeople of Charlottesville. Its on West Main Street and it used to be a building that served bait and tackle to the men and women who wanted to go down to the Rivanna to fish for the day. The shop's owner was dead set when I talked with him that no one was going to buy him out and change his building into anything other than the 'Bait and Tackle' shop that it was...."I'll be dead in the grave before that happens". Well he's passed on and its changed but I do think he would be ok with it as it is because of the nature of what it changed into when it was reconstructed into the restaurant. I thought I would paint it. It was fun to do. Its very colorful and it was enjoyable to paint the deep blues and the windows being those one could see through to the otherside. I …