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"Albemarle Hotel" retouched

The painting wasn't quite "right" for me. I retouched some of the Hotel's portico overhang to be more in line with its actual color. Perhaps one wouldn't notice it but it mattered to me. I think its a little bit better but who knows....

'Albemarle Hotel' on W. Main St.

This building was one of (if not the very) first high rise buildings in Charlottesville. It was a 'cathouse' at one time. The building has also been home to a college (but not related to U.Va.) and it still stands proudly on West Main Street today. It got a fresh paint job and looks new and ready for business. I liked its grand brickwork and added features on its columns of white. I used stand oil in the medium. It helps give the paint some depth and warmth once its on the canvas. Its also makes the paint layer on into a heavy coat of oil. I liked the way it handled in its color transitions from dark to light. Once its on its on and its not going to be messed into the color laid on beside it. Its a very different way to paint from the lite, wet, thinned out way I have been handling the medium for my oils. It a new beginning using it moreso than my old 30/30/30 medium. I still used the 30/30/30 medium but just to start the painting then I quickly switched…