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Buildings of Blue Brick on W.Main St.

This painting is of a couple of older buildings on W. Main St near the Mc Intire side of West Main. They are both older and have also both been renovated into renewed, revamped and with new tenants. The one red brick building has a banner covered by the greenery in front of it. It was a 'Black Lives Matter' banner but I am not clear as to whether it is an indication of who is occupying that storefront or if it is simply a sign of support by the tenants for that political movement. Certainly, people on that street are still very concerned for what happened last Aug 12th just a few blocks away from this site and perhaps the banner on the building is in reference to it, or perhaps that is the Charlottesville home for that movement. Anything is possible, I just don't know for certain which is and which isn't.

'Duner's' n Ivy Va.

The restaurant known as "Duner's" is perhaps best known for its customers. In times gone by, this dinner was perhaps a favorite among the University elite and professionals from the University crowd It is the very most sought after dinner restaurant by the faculty and families of them. It is the kind of place one might just drive on by without giving it much notice. Its unassuming with its flat one story appearance in brick. Its almost pancake like when looking at it from the outside. I haven't had the chance to eat within its rooms but from what those who have have said its suppose to live up to its reputation of being the one place that continually pulls in the U.Va. elite, so it must have something going for it with its fare.