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Drawing of South St w Balloons

A practice make perfect routine can be an object of interest for me. Here I reverted to my understanding of the compositional qualities of the 'South Street' canvas I just finished working on. Here the building composition is identical but then I added some interesting objects to the sky. Here they sometimes fly some man'd balloons and simply added them into the sky for a visual interest point in the upper part of the drawing. I think it works.


Just for keeping into my artistic vein, I continue to draw when nothing else seems to be exciting me. Visually its good practice to do doesn't want to get stale. If one doesn't keep up with oneself in the sense that drawing and creating a visual image is of no bother, than one can get out of practice. When that happens its a bit of an effort to get back into it. Its both frustrating and troublesome to do work without the results one is expecting to get from the effort put in. In order not to let this happen it is suggested that one keep up some kind of artistic work each and every day so that the wheels are always oiled. Keeping a drawing book and supplies around is my way of staying limber and ready to go.

"South Street Concert Hall" and the Pink Warehouse

Another look at a local concert hall is no problem: I can have another version of the same scene with no problem to being warn out, or copying what was done before. Every painting is a new and rewarding chance to begin anew. Here is one of Charlottesville's icons: the Pink Warehouse, and now with another concert hall just beside it. The 'South Street' restaurant/bar and now also an established concert hall this painting is full of Charlottesvilles' memorable spots in just one small canvas. This canvas is only ruffly one foot by two feet in size, one of my smaller ones. I worked the shadows and characters into the composition as ones unique to this city. People come and go from South Street but some give it its' charm such as the street sweeper brushing off the debre. I have done and redone these buildings but I'd like to think I only improve upon them with each new canvas that I paint.