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O'Henry Short Story Award Winners 2018

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2018 by Laura Furman
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What fun. I had experienced many fun, exciting moments in the lifetimes set upon the pages of all these wonderful authors, I felt so good about the quality of this years entrees, well done! From being a part of a group of men looking to make a killing in the 'new world' with ores like silver and copper to being lost looking for one's car in Dublin and not having a clue where to look, I enjoyed each word of each story this year.

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'Micklem' Barn

A barn is a building that can represent the entire lifetime of a set of people. Here in the country this set of people can live their entire life on the same piece of land, that piece of land will exist also as there burial place once there life is over. Upon driving back and forth to home and town I came upon this scene of a broken down farm with a plot of headstones in it. It piqued my curiosity. One day I brought my camera along on my drive and photographed this scene. I still don't know whom the family 'Micklem' is or what their stories are for time spent working this land but I do admire there handywork in barnmaking. These once where some very fine structures now in decay. And so in tribute to that family, I painted this work.