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James Madison's Home "Montpelier"

The second and larger painting done of Montpelier has two figures added simply to give the painting some kind of a human reference point. With the two men looking at an early version of a bicycle at the front gate, I had hoped that would add some added feeling to this painting. I was hoping to get away from this painting just being another 'historical building'. With some figures ( looking somewhat in the time frame of Jefferson) this painting might have a point of historic reference during the time of its conception, which would be in the early 1800's. James Madison's home does have features that Monticello has which is just no more than twenty miles away just down Rt 20 southward. It is said that Madison designed this home, and he did have it in mind to copy some of Jefferson's architectural designs in his own work of Montpelier. Madison's work seems to thrust the usage of columns right at the viewer when looking a this building dead on. M…