An oil of: "10 St. and Wertland Ave.n' Charlottesville"

Another older building is somewhat expected when viewing a J Trippel site of artwork. I can't help it I like painting buildings of Charlottesville. Someone at the art center I belong to said "are we going to have more building facades coming in" so although I felt slighted some, I saw the point. I do buildings a lot. So much that a book is in the works because I do so many buildings. But more about that in the future once it is done that is (the book), for now I like to put something other than just a building, I am adding characters because of that comment. I felt the person who said that had come merit to what she was saying. Buildings are places where people dwell and work and such. I felt they should be include in my canvases somehow, without taking too much away from my structures. That's why the guys on scooters. The scooter idea is a new one for Charlottesville, its in an experimental stage with two companies putting them out in public places for the citizens to try out. From what I've seen in my limited travels they are getting some usage. I found them interesting as a prop, now please forgive me for putting them on the wrong side of the street but when I was a street biker in Philly and here in Charlottesville, I too found myself liberal in my driving of my bike in the city streets. I loved being in the open and my driving choices showed that in the way I drove and what parts of the streets I often drove on. And so I thought that would show for these two young guys
it down the wrong way on a empty 10th St. I don't seriously endorse it for anyone to follow this path of riding on the wrong side of the street. Its a good formula for instant damage to yourself or the environment you find yourself in. Even if its fun. This place is Wertland St and 10th St. where an old Coke bottling plant had its heyday and now is used by start up internet companies or simply newer businesses that I don't know that much about. Its just off West Main St which is at the top of the painting where the small traffic lights are located.


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